We get emails from all around the world asking questions about Cathedral and Gameplay. The most common below.

Which space do I claim?

Hypothetically if I manage to separate a single opposing player piece from the Cathedral on my second move (brown pieces), which piece do then I remove, the opposition light piece,the Cathedral, the one that occupies the most space, both?

This is our most asked question. It's unlikely as it's a very novice move, but possible. In this case you are able to remove both pieces as they are both surrounded on their own in what would otherwise be claimed space. Game Over!

How do I get all the pieces back on the board?

The pieces will fit onto the board a myriad of different ways and just getting them back onto the board is a puzzle in itself. Start with the largest pieces and work your way down fitting as you go. For those who don't have the patience here is the factory version below.

is there a digital version or app available?

The short answer unfortunately, is no! But do try our online and remote play options and let us know what you think.
Or you could setup a Facetime or Zoom meeting and play online with your own desktop versions.